Making The Streets of SF the Stage

Today was my first time meeting with a posing coach. I was a little nervous to walk in my new heels that I got last week from a little store in San Francisco on Polk and Sutter called Shoe Worship. What an experience that was! I had no idea I would be walking into a stripper shoe and clothing store. After looking around at a few clear strapless shoes, I decided to go with ones with a strap.I didn’t want to take the risk of falling on stage because my ankles weren’t supported enough. It was surprising how comfortable they were. I was expecting to be completely off balance and in extreme pain, but I wasn’t! So I bought the shoes for $55 and quickly contacted a posing coach to break the shoes in. I was recommended to Alex Navarro, a bikini and fitness competitor who trains andis a stage coach out of a studio on Folsom between 4th and 5th called Skyefit. She had such great energy and gave me tons of tips and tricks to practice on. I thought I could walk and swing my hips side to side and stick my butt out really far, but it all changes in 4 inch heels! I felt and looked like an awkward teenage boy who secretly stole his mom’s highest pair of heels. After Alex coached me through how to walk, hit every pose properly, and even add my own flair, I was slowly getting into the groove. As I walked out of the studio after an hour of practicing, I found myself swinging my hips a little more, hitting a front pose whenever I was stopped at a red light, and turning over my right shoulder and smiling at everyone on the street, as if they were the judges.

21 weeks and 4 days out


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One thought on “Making The Streets of SF the Stage

  1. You got to work with Alex Navarro, that’s great!! 🙂 I hear a lot about her reading articles on (formerly I am currently prepping for my first competition, and posing is definitely going to be something I need the most work on!

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