Chest up, Gut in

Well, it’s time to learn to pose.  I guess saying I’m a blank slate is putting it nicely because, to be honest, I have absolutely no clue what I’m doing.  Here it goes.  This afternoon I headed down to the Gold’s Gym in SOMA to meet Dave, my posing coach for the next 22 weeks.  This guy not only learned how to pose from the legendary Ed Corney himself, but he also trained with the just as legendary Mike Mentzer.  How cool is that! His resume was just as impressive as he was cool.  It was clear he knew exactly what he was doing and we didn’t waste any time.  After grabbing a mirror filled corner in the aerobics room, he put me to work. Let me tell you right now posing is no joke.  If you think a gut busting drop set on the leg press after squats is tough, then your in for a rude awakening… flexing what feels like every single muscle group, while maintaining correct form, angles, AND a smile will make you want to pass out.  I can hear Dave’s voice “elbows up, flex harder, gut in, be tall, chest up, flex HARDER!” The whole time with me furrowing my brow in concentration as a pair of middle aged ladies sitting on Swiss balls giggled at me from the corner. After a few rounds that left me sweating, we called it a day, leaving me to practice before next weeks meeting. I may have gone in a blank slate, but I walked out as a faint outline of the picture that I have the next 22 weeks to paint.

– Cyrus


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