Confessions of a Peanut Butter Junkie

Sitting on BART, I nonchalantly dig my hand into my purse and fish for my  measuring spoons. I hear them jingling. My pupils dialate. My mouth waters. I feel the cold hard plastic against my finger tips.  I quietly slide them out of my purse while my other hand searches for the jar. Ah ha, gotcha. I hold the jar tightly between my legs and swiftly swirl the lid off. The nutty, creamy, salty aroma quickly fills my nostrils. I slowly open my eyes after deeply inhaling the scent and…. Oh my! I see the surrounding BART riders glaring at me. But why? Ah yes, that’s it! They’re jealous! I see their eyes flirting with the idea of running up to me, snatching the jar, and digging their faces into MY peanut butter. I tighten my grip around the jar. No one is getting between my chunky goodness and me! I speedily fill my tablespoon up with peanut butter, shut the lid, and hide the jar from the other passengers before one of them makes a move. As I lick my spoon clean, I can’t help but smile and think as I exit the train, the guy across from me was eating a Big Mac, why didn’t anyone want HIS food?

Now, I know why the passengers were really staring at me. Who on earth takes out an entire jar of peanut butter from their purse, perfectly measures it, and then licks the spoon clean? On BART no less?! Not too many people I suppose.

We all have wacky things we must do in order to reach our goals.  And just as it is important to achieve those goals, it is also important to be able to laugh at ourselves along the way, and when we can, remember to find joy in the little things.  For me, joy is a perfectly measured tablespoon of peanut butter, and never taking myself too seriously to forget how funny I look while enjoying it.

So, which do you prefer, chunky or creamy?


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9 thoughts on “Confessions of a Peanut Butter Junkie

  1. So you’ve posted photos of your favorite brand? I love peanut butter but I’m concerned it is not the wisest choice for my diet.

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