Making a Cardio Plan

Making a plan may be the easy part, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important.  Whether you are trying to “lean out”, “get toned”, “get ripped”, or just “fit in clothes a little better”, you are actually trying to accomplish the same thing.  Fat loss.   Now while there are many important components to fat loss, one that most people will agree can help lead to success, is cardio.  Cardio is by no means the end all be all of fat loss (in fact in means absolutely nothing without proper diet), but it can be a very useful piece to the puzzle that is your goal.

Let me start by saying there are many right ways, and an infinite number of wrong ways to create a cardio plan.  What I am going to present is simply one plan that was prescribed to me by my very knowledgeable coach, and one that has proven successful for myself and the others that I know who have utilized it.

The plan is as simple as this:

-Step 1: Wake up, do not eat, this is fasted cardio

-Step 2: (optional) Take 800mg of Green Tea extract, 5mg Yohimbe extract (links to both that I use are on the bottom of this post)

-Step 3: (optional) Pop in headphones, hit play

-Step 4: Walk at a brisk pace for 30 minutes.

-Step 5: Eat breakfast

That’s it.

I am lucky to live one block from a gym, so I have the option to do this first thing on the morning on a treadmill.  When I do that I simply put the treadmill at a medium incline and walk at a pace that leaves me warm and sweating after about 5 minutes, but never breathing too hard, or dying for a break.  This is a brisk walk, not a run. On nice days I will do my cardio with my dog around my hilly neighborhood.  For those who would like to take this option, simply grab a watch and walk fast for thirty minutes.  Try to hit a few hills or steps, but once again, it’s a walk, not a run.

When my coach started to incorporate cardio into my plan I started with three mornings a week.  Since then it has increased to five.  There is no need to start your plan at an extreme, you can always increase the frequency as you progress.  Simply start with two to three days a week, and increase the days as you feel necessary.  As well as increasing days you can increase the duration of your cardio sessions to more than 30 minutes as you progress.

While cardio should only be a part of your fat loss plan, when done correctly it can be a valuable part.  As you formulate your plan for fat loss, try incorporating this simple cardio layout.  Once your plan is in place, then all there is left to do is do it.  So get to work!


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