No Pain, No Gain

Ever opt out of washing your hair, because your chest, back, and arms are too sore to lift? Or walk like a zombie, because you lunged, curled, and squatted every single muscle in your legs a day or two before? If your answer is yes, you are not alone!

DOMS, Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness, and I are currently engaging in a bittersweet love affair. If I wake up to find no DOMS, I wonder where he is? I thought last night for sure I’d be waking up to him, but now he’s no where to be found. Or on other mornings, I think, Oh God. There he is, DOMS. Again! Why can’t he just leave me alone? Now I can’t get out of bed because of him!

Muscle soreness is something we will all encounter from time to time, especially when training. Over the past few weeks, I’ve discovered a few helpful ways to relieve muscle soreness. Give em a shot; they might just work for you!

–       Stretching: it definitely feels good and leads to temporary relief. Try to stretch muscles directly after working them out.

–       Foam rolling: This may be painful, but it’s a poor man’s massage. (Don’t know how to use a foam roller? No problem. Youtube videos to see how to properly roll out all of those sore muscles.)

–       Epsom Salt Bath: This really feels amazing after a hard workout! Epsom salt baths are known to relieve muscle pain and inflammation.

–       Cardio: a brisk walk on a slight incline the day after a leg workout actually helps warm up and loosen those muscles.

…but always remember: no pain, no gain!


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