You Know Your Diet is Getting Serious When…

–       You have to pee every 20 minutes.

–       Dreams consist of mountains made of bread and rivers made of chocolate.

–       It’s 70 degrees outside and you are in sweats, a jacket, beanie, and a scarf… and still cold.

–       You have an extensive collection of Crystal Light and Mio

–       You live in sweatpants and/or leggings.

–       You cover everything in hot sauce.

–       You feel like a million bucks the day after your cheat meal.

–       You’re grocery shop cart looks like this…

–       All you want is an extra cup of broccoli, but your limited to 2 cups a day.

–       Dessert consists of a tablespoon of Metamucil and a stick of gum.

–       As soon as you finish your chicken and broccoli, the count down starts for your next mouth watering meal of…chicken and broccoli!

–       The idea of new tupperwear and zip lock baggies gets you excited.

–       When the discussions of your favorite foods come up, your answer is always “Whatever I get to eat next.”

–       You’re caffeine addiction has reached a new high.

–       You cut your food into the smallest, bite size pieces to give the illusion of having more food.

–       You spend a good amount of time mentally planning out your next cheat meal… and the one after that.

–       You have a fat pair and skinny pair of everything.

–       When counting out almonds, you refuse to eat any chipped or miniature ones.  Only large, whole kernels allowed.

–       You LITERALLY lick your plate clean.

–       Food starts speaking to you. Demanding that you eat it!

–       An ideal Saturday night consists of food prep and packing.

–       Everything that goes into your mouth is precisely measured, counted, and/or weighed.

–       You often wonder to yourself, “If I wasn’t drinking this much caffeine, would I be able to stand right now?!”

–       There is no such thing as too much salt.

–       You add a little water into your shaker after your protein shake, mix it up, and drink the dirty water. Mission: must get every calorie.

–       You own every flavor of Mrs. Dash.

–       Your sleep schedule is based off of your meal timing.

–       You eat the same thing. Every. Single. Day.

–       If you leave the house, you have your next few meals with you, just in case.

–       You own more shakers than actual drinking glasses.

– It takes you over 2 months to write this post, because you can’t concentrate on anything for more than 5 minutes!

Avoiding temptation and sticking to your diet doesn’t get easier, your will power just gets stronger. We are constantly looking for the easy way out, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy. As you push through your diet, you may be concentrating on what you have to lose, but in the end, what you really do, is gain. You gain the confidence and belief in yourself to accomplish any goals you set your mind to.

– Cyrus & Sumeet

1 week and 5 days out!!!

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11 thoughts on “You Know Your Diet is Getting Serious When…

  1. This is seriously awesome! You have nailed most items right on the head! Fab! Thanks for making me laugh! I get to start prepping in Jan for my second show and this blog almost made me excited again. Haha! True chaos, but so worth it!

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