Fat Burnin Cardio!

My daily cardio routine:

Either first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (ok, with only black coffee in my belly!) Or after lifting

0-5 mins: incline 5.0, speed 3.0
5-10 mins: incline 5.5, speed 3.0
10-15 mins: incline 6.0, speed 3.0
15-20 mins: inline 6.5, speed 3.0
20-25 mins: incline 7.0, speed 3.0
25-30 mins: incline 7.5, speed 3.0

Keeping your heart rate between 120-130 BPM will ensure that you use fat as your main fuel source and not muscle.

Ladies: use the incline to your advantage. I love to emphasize striking with my heel, activating my glutes more!

Increase up to 5 minutes weekly.


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