How To Become The Sculptor To Your Own Physique

About 2 years ago, every time I looked through a fitness magazine, I was absolutely positive that I was screwed because of my Indian genetics. “Those white girls popped out of their mommas looking like that!” “I will never have a nice butt and cut abs thanks to my genes!”

Now, I am NO WHERE close to looking like the girls I admire in fitness magazines, but boy was I wrong. With the right amount of protein, carbs, and fat, precise weight training, and smart cardio…I HAVE MANIPULATED MY BODY! It can be done people. So, cut out all the excuses you have been telling yourself and become the sculptor of your own physique. You want a nice booty? Go squat, deadlift, leg press, lunge and sculpt yourself that perky, round ass. What a nice back? Go pull and row, narrow and wide till your back is exactly what you want it to be.

I took a little over a year in off season to focus on adding mass and more shape to the lower half of my body. Here are a few progress photos on how my off season is going!

Left: February 2012 Right:  February 2013


The one on the left was when I was 18 weeks out from my last competition and the one on the right was of me last week, 18 weeks out from my next competition.


Left: Feb 2012 Right: May 2013

Your body is clay. Your diet, cardio, and weight training are your tools. The gym and your kitchen are your workplace. You are a sculptor. Now go create!


17 weeks out!!!

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