HIIT Me Baby One More Time!

Recently I’ve added in a few session of HIIT cardio into my weekly routine and I highly recommend it. Why?

  1.  It’s done faster – I’m personally not a big fan of cardio and with HIIT, your cardio sessions are quick and end fast. They can even be done during your lunch break and you’ll still have time to eat. Sold yet?
  2. Burns more fat – With HIIT you actually increase your metabolism for up to 24 hours post session and burn more calories not only during the workout, but after, even while you sleep! So, you start to use fat as fuel. And that’s not it…
  3. Doesn’t eat away muscle – Ever see how sprinters look compared to long distance runners? Enough said.Sprinters_vs_marathoners_Body-Types
  4. It’s fun – It’s easy to get bored when doing steady state cardio, but with HIIT, you’re constantly toggling between bursts of intense sprints and active recovery. Ain’t nobody got time to get bored!

Now on to the “How”

My current program consists of a 5 minutes warm up, 12 rounds of 15 second sprints and 45 seconds recovery, and a 4 minute cool down.

I’ve used a spin bike, the treadmill, and the stairmaster.

Spin Bike: Minutes 0-5 at a low intensity and resistance, minutes 5-16 at a high intensity and resistance for 15 seconds a moderate intensity and resistance for 45 seconds, minutes 16-20 cool down at a moderate-low intensity and resistance.

Treadmill: Minutes 0-5 at 3.0 mph/1.0% incline, minutes 5-16 at 10.0 to 4.0 mph/3-5% incline, minutes 16-20 at 3.0 mph/ 1% incline

Stairmaster: Minutes 0-5 on level 3, minutes 5-16 on level 14 to level 4, minutes 16-20 on level 4

I’m taking HIIT outside tomorrow on the hilly streets of SF, wish me luck!

-Sumeet, 16 weeks out

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NOTE: I do 2 sessions a week in conjunction with steady state cardio.


3 thoughts on “HIIT Me Baby One More Time!

  1. I love the idea of doing HIIT on the treadmill (where I live is very snowy so indoor workouts are key), but how do you deal with the fact that it takes some time for the treadmill to get from 10.0-4.0? The shorter the sprint, the more time you’re spending getting from one speed to another rather than running at the desired speed. I always wonder how other people deal with this issue when doing HIIT on the treadmill 🙂

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