Bikini Competition Check List

The big day is coming up and I thought I’d share my check list with others. For my first competition I felt like I only really focused on my physique, which is of course extremely important, but there are other bases I wanted to cover this year so I make sure I bring a better package and am well prepared!


First things first, you’ve gotta pick a show or two and register!


You can register for the NPC online or even at check ins the night before. Cyrus and I will be getting it the night before, because last time we had to send a check to a P.O. box and it took a really long time to receive it in the mail.


it’s never too early to learn how to pose. I felt like my posing needed a major revamping, so I contact IFBB Bikini Pro, Jessica Arevalo, and learned a new routine. I’d suggest practicing, the right way, as early as possible. I want to look natural on stage, so I practice at least once a day.


Yes, I went to a stripper store to get my heels. The first few times I wore them, I had to heat up the straps with a blow dryer so they would loosen up. I personally like the ankle support with the strap, but that isn’t necessary.



For my first competition, I got a basic bikini from

This time around, I wanted a suit that was a little more extravagant and custom-made. I drove to Sacramento with a few other competitors and got to personally design my new suit from Jagware. They are so nice and Delia made my suit so incredibly fast.


Don’t wait for the last minute to get a hotel room. Cyrus and I have the luxury of competing close to home, so we will spend the night before at home, but we got a hotel room to relax at during the time between pre-judging and the night show. We did this last year and it worked out great. You will have a few hours of down time and it’s a good idea to get in a nap, relax, eat, and get ready again at the hotel.

Don’t forget to bring your own sheets so your tan doesn’t rub off on the hotel sheets.

Try to find the closest hotel to the venue. Sometimes the host hotel isn’t the closest!


The last few days of prep get a little crazy with dieting and dehydrating, so it’s nice to be at home, stress free and getting in your meals on time. It’s crucial to keep stress very low at the time. You don’t want to be releasing cortisol and holding water.

I personally will be taking Thursday, Friday, and Saturday off of work.


Make sure you book your tan as soon as you know who will be the tanner on site. You will be getting tanned the evening before the show and backstage. Cyrus and I both will be getting tanned Friday evening BEFORE my check in. So, as soon as I check in we can head home and try to get to sleep early. On the day of the show last year we were up and moving at 4am.

Also, I bought a cheap robe off of Amazon to wear backstage. Last year I wore a loose shirt, but I think it’s a better idea to wear something that opens in front so it doesn’t touch your makeup or hair.

Wear flip flops to go tan in.

Bring your own hair clip and or shower cap.


I am terrible at doing stage makeup, so one of my competitor friends will be doing my makeup. Make sure you do a trial run!! You can also go to MAC or Sephora and have them show you how to apply the makeup and which will look best on stage.

Don’t be scared. If you look like a drag queen, that’s perfect! This is something that I’m not used to, it’s probably why I’m terrible at doing stage makeup!!!



I got a bracelet, earrings, and a ring from Macy’s.



Lets be honest, the bikinis are TINY! Definitely make sure you get a full brazilian. It’s a good idea to get a few days before the competition to make sure you if you get slightly irritated you have enough time for it to clear up and not get aggravated by the tan.


This show I’ll be going with straight hair. The day before the show I’ll be getting my hair dyed and straightened by my hair dresser.

If you choose to go curly. Make sure you pin up your curls and don’t drop them till you’re about to go on stage. Last year I made the mistake of not pinning up my curls and by the time I got on stage my hair looked terrible!


Complete your look by painting your finger and toe nails!


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