How I Walked In and Out Feeling Like a Winner!!!

Wow!!!! Last weekend was incredible. I WON 1ST PLACE IN CLASS C!!! I competed against 18 other beautiful girls.

Ok, now on to the juicy part of the journey. Everything about this prep felt right. My diet was on point. I WAS NEVER STARVING! I had carbs in every meal of mine, except for occasional zero carb days, I was only doing 30 minutes of steady state cardio, and my strength was almost the same as my off season.

Why?! How?! Well, I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s because I took a 1.5 year off season, lifted crazy heavy weights and always went HARD for my workouts, put on 10 pounds of muscle mass (my morning of the show weight went from 107 lbs to 117 lbs, same body fat), slowly increased my calories to increase my metabolism (I always stuck to my diet, only 1 cheat meal, even in the off season), and barely did cardio.

Don’t be afraid of getting a little soft, gaining weight, and taking time off from competing to make gains. I promise, you’ll get lean again and competitions aren’t going anywhere.

What else did I do?
– I visualized winning every single day.
– I made sure that when I worked out, no one out there could possibly be working harder than me.
– I practiced posing ALL THE TIME. Even when standing in the kitchen prepping food.

– I promised myself that I would present a totally different package (hair, makeup, posing, suit) to the stage.
– Lastly, and probably one of the most important things, I didn’t look around or compare myself to the girls that day. I kept to myself, focused on my goal, repeated to myself…Either I have it today, or I don’t. I’m going to present all the hours of hard work, every single perfect meal, and every thought about winning on this stage. There is no point in even getting nervous… I kid you not, I never got nervous that day. Everything was out of my hands and I felt so relaxed and confident.

I walked in and out feeling like a winner!


It’s so important to make numerous goals when getting ready for a show. Some of mine were:
– To put on muscle mass, especially on my lower half
– Control my mood swings
– Not cheat (unless it’s a planned weekly cheat meal)
– Keep a very positive attitude
– Give my workouts my all
– Not compare myself to other girls, which lead to me going Instagram free for the last 4 weeks of my prep.
-Learn to ride the wave. Some days would be easier than others.
– Really, truly believe in myself

When you establish goals to get you through your prep and you succeed with them, it’s hard to not walk into show day feeling like a winner.


6 thoughts on “How I Walked In and Out Feeling Like a Winner!!!

  1. You look absolutely amazing!!

    What you achieved in your off season is precisely what I’m trying to do! I naturally have thin legs and have a hard time gaining size. Were you lean when you started out trying to gain mass? I only ask because I’m not super lean(19% bodyfat) but I’m thin and have a low bodyweight and want to gain size in my lower body.

    Thanks for your posts! It’s encouraging to see someone document how far they’ve come and the progress they’ve made along the way.

    • Thank you Sonya! I wasn’t super lean when I switched my diet to gain mass, but I did diet down a little to make sure I didn’t put on a crazy amount of fat. Since I was pretty thin then, I’d say I was at about 15% body fat.

      Oh, I too had really really thin legs. What I would do if I were you is start tracking your food, make sure you’re eating a good amount of protein in all your meals, and hit the gym HARD. Check out my post on my workouts. Hope this helped, keep me posted!!!


      • Thanks girl! Yeah I saw your before/after pics on the blog and saw that we have a similar build. I thought I was doomed to either have stick legs and a flat belly or belly flab on top of a thicker lower body lol but seeing your pics made me think otherwise.

        Since I def eat allot more crap than I should, cleaning up my diet should result in fat loss, so I can then begin upping the calories.

        After I finish my current program, I’m def going to give your program a go to build these lil pins. Thanks so much for the advice!

  2. Thanks for your inspiration. You’ve taught me a lesson to stop comparing myself to others in ALL aspects of life. I appreciate that. I recently found a quote on pinterest: “Comparison is the thief to joy!” Today, I am the heaviest I’ve ever been at 187 lbs. I still have my size 2 jeans waiting in the bottom of my closet. I WILL have a bikini body back thanks to your motivation. Thank you!

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