The Importance of Progress Photos

If you’re anything like me, you want immediate results. Your thought process is something like this, “I’ve been hitting my glutes harder for the past 2 weeks, my butt MUST be huge by now…” or “I’ve increased my cardio this past week. Do I have abs now?”

The body takes quite a bit of time to change and here is where progress photos come in. Honestly, I hardly ever track my body fat and only check my weight once a week to report it to my coach. Other than that, I go off of my photos. Why? Because we all want to look good naked and photos show way more than the scale or your body fat!

I have been taking weekly photos for the past 3 solid years and the change is incredible. My weight has ranged from 103 lbs-130 lbs and my body fat has ranged from 12% to something around 28%.

Left: When I decided to start losing weight 3 years ago. 125 lbs.
Center: 6 months after left photo. I was doing a ton of cardio and not eating a whole lot. I had no idea what I was doing with my diet or the way my workouts were structured. I clearly burned through a good amount of fat and muscle. So sad. 103 lbs.
Right: Right when I started my prep for the second show. 2 years after the center photo. 128 lbs.


Left: A few days before my competition. 120 lbs.
Right: 10 weeks into my off season. 125 lbs.

Left: The thinnest I’ve been at 103 lbs
Right: A few days before my show: 120 lbs

Left: The thinnest I’ve been.
Right: Me on stage in November 2013

Left: A year ago
Right: Last week

There is so much progress that the scale and numbers won’t show! I highly recommend taking weekly photos. They are such a great reference for how far you’ve come. Whenever I feel discouraged or unmotivated, I look through my photos. And the best part about it… I can’t wait to look back in a year from now and see even more change!!!!

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10 thoughts on “The Importance of Progress Photos

  1. We always want immediate results in everything . But at the end we actually appreciate and cherish the thing it took time to achieve. You achieved some very impressive results.

  2. Wow, your transformation is very impressive. You look amazing.

    I’m skinny fat but this gives me hope!

    How did you get started? Did you begin training to compete or did you just initially start training to look/feel better? I’m not looking to compete but I’d like to just be fairly lean with some curves and to be able to maintain it. I’m wondering if being really diligent about tracking macros or calories is unnecessary for my goals and maybe just making better food choices will get me there.

    Keep doing what you do! The progress photos are very inspiring 🙂

    • I initially got started to just look and feel better. I was tired of eating like crap and constantly feeling like crap!

      I’d suggest to start with making healthier food choices and then slowly start to track your macros to continue making progress.

      Thank you and good luck on your journey Layla!!!

  3. Just curious – how tall are you and where would you say you normally carry your body fat? As in, when you gain weight where does it go first?

    • I’m between 5’4 and 5’5.

      Everyone is going to carry their fat differently, but I personally tend to carry it on the top of my hamstrings/ bottom of my glutes and lower abs.

  4. You are soo motivational and inspiring. I have my first show in May and reading your blog is like OMG i am not alone.. I am now following you on IG so motivational. Love your posts

    • Thanks you Nikisha!!!

      Good luck on your competition! I’m so glad you found my blog helpful. You’re definitely not alone, trust me. Haha.

      If you have any blog post requests or recommendations, I’d love to hear them.


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