5 Ways To Rev Up Your Dry Chicken

We’ve all done it. Overcooked the sh*t out of our chicken. After spending the time and money cooking chicken in bulk, what’s a guy/gal to do with all of it? Instead of throwing it all away or eating it plain and dry, I’ve put together a few ways to rev up the chicken.

1) Add Veggies

Vegetables contain a ton of water and added them with chicken will definitely make it easier to go down. Plus, you’ll get all the awesome health benefits of those veggies! My favorites are onions, mushrooms, broccoli, tomato, bell peppers, and lettuce.


2) Veggies + Chicken Broth

Tada! Now you’ve got a chicken soup.

chicken vegetable soup with red potatoes 8

3) Make a greek yogurt dipping sauce

Being Indian, I love raita. It’s easy to make and delicious.
– 1 cup greek yogurt
– 1/2 grated cucumber
– 1/4 cup died red onion
– 1/2 tsp roasted cumin powder
– cilantro
– Salt to taste
– Chilli powder


4) Add Avocado

The rich, creamy texture of the avocado will help moisten up the chicken.

5) Add salsa and/or hot sauce


Never again will you have to force down or throw away plain, dry chicken!


Abs Are Made in the Kitchen!

It’s 5 pm and you are off from work. You haven’t eaten in hours and are starving. You think about the choices you have. You can either a) swing by the grocery store for some necessary ingredients to cook up a semi-healthy dinner by 7 pm, and pray your stomach doesn’t eat itself or b) make a quick stop at a fast food joint and feed your belly immediately and feel like complete shit for the rest of the night. Trick question! The answer is option c).

Over the past few months, I’ve realized that meal planning, prepping, and packing will either make or break your diet. When attacking fat, a plan is essential, especially when you are on the go! And in order to do that, you will need some necessary ingredients.

  • Tupperware
  • Food scale, measuring cups, and measuring spoons.
  • An oven and/or stove
  • Baking trays, foil, pots, and pans
  • A refrigerator and/or freezer (duh!)
  • About an hour twice a week for meal prep
  • And of course…some food!

I tend to do my major cooking (things that take longer than 5 minutes to prepare) on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. I cook about 3-4 days worth of brown rice, chicken breasts, and sweet potatoes. If I know my week will be super busy, I cook a weeks worth, stick 3-4 days worth in the refrigerator, and the rest in the freezer to defreeze as needed.

It’s as simple as this: get 2 baking trays, throw some chicken on one, and sliced sweet potatoes on the other, bake to taste, pack in Tupperware, and voila!

I love marinating my chicken in fresh lemon juice, garlic, and various non fat, low carb rubs from Williams Sanoma, try them out, they are truly finger licking good!

I also sprinkle cinnamon and stevia on my freshly baked sweet potato slices. Yummm!

Never again will you go hungry or wonder where your next meal will be when you are away from the kitchen or in a hurry. Don’t be shy to carry around your Tupperware and bust it out in random places, all those people giving you funny looks are just jealous of your delicious home cooked meal!

16 weeks out!!!


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