Glute and Leg Strength Training Videos!

Since I’ve been working out my legs so frequently for the past 4 weeks, I thought I’d post a video of some different leg and glute exercises I’ve been incorporating into my workouts. Yes, I usually always include heavy barbell squats, legs press, hamstring curls, quad extensions, deadlifts, and other typical bodybuilder leg exercises weekly, but adding in a variety of exercises spices up your workout and hits the legs and booty and different angles!

1) Smith Machine Alternating Deficit Lunge

2) Step up into Curtsy Lunge

3) Super Deep Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift

4) Glute Kickback on the Lying Hamstring Curl

5) Cable Glute Kickback with Knee on Bench

6) Abduction- 2 variations (leaning forward and leaning back)

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4 Week Weight Training Plan!

Here is a typical week’s worth of my workouts. I always have 2 leg days, lift 5 days a week (2 days on, 1 rest day, 3 days on, 1 rest day), and try to add a variety of exercises.

I also sent this workout to my sister, who is a mom of 2, and she loved it. I suggested that she follow this workout for 4 weeks and focus on getting stronger and lifting more without compromising her form. If you are a bikini competitor, looking to spice up your normal routine, new to lifting, or anything in between I recommend the same to you!

If some exercises are unfamiliar to you, I would watch YouTube videos of others performing and explaining them.



-Supersets are exercises performed back to back with no rest in between.
-3×15 would translate to 3 sets of 15 repetitions.
– Keep track of your rest periods! No more than 30-45 seconds
– Workout should take anywhere from 45-60 mins
– Abs and calves are worked out 2-3 times a week

Leg Day #1

1) Superset
– lying leg curls- 4×15
– quad extensions- 4×15

2) Leg press- 5×25, 20,15,12,10 (add more weight every set) this should be really hard by the set of 10

3) Box squats with weighted bar- 3×15

4) High Step ups holding weights- 3x 15 on each leg

5) Glute bridge (start with no weight then add a weighted bar)- 4×20 with a 2 second pause at the top flexed position

6) Abduction- 4×25


Shoulders & Back

1) Superset
– Dumbbell shoulder press- 4×12
– Standing lateral raises- 4×12

2) Superset
– cheerleader press- 4×12
– rear delt bent over raise -4×12

3) Pull ups (on assisted machine if need be)- 5×12

4) Seated narrow grip row- 4×15

5) Lat pull down- 3×15

Biceps and Triceps

1) Superset
– Standing EZ bar curls- 4×15
– Tricep bench dips (feet elevated, locked out knees) 4xmax

2) Superset
– Tricep rope push down- 3×20
– Seated dumbbell curls- 3×15

3) Superset
– Preacher curls – 4x 15
– Tricep bent over kickbacks- 4×15


Back & Chest

1) Push ups- 3×15

2) Incline dumbbell chest press- 3×20

3) Dumbbell single arm rows- 3×15

4) Reverse grip, close grip lat pull down- 3×20

5) Supinated seated row- 3×15

6) Narrow pull downs- 3×15


Leg day #2

1) Superset
– Heavy walking lunges- 3x 10 on each leg, so 20 total
– Lunge switch jumps- 3x 10 on each leg, so 20 total

2) Superset
– Stiff legged deadlifts- 3×20
– Pop squat jumps- 3×20

3) Superset
– High and wide leg press- 3×15
– High and wide squat jumps- 3×15

4) Superset
– Quad extensions- 3×20
– Narrow stance high squat jumps- 3×15

Abs & Calves

1) V ups- 3×15
2) Plank- 3×30 seconds
3) Swiss ball crunches- 3×30

1) Seated Calf raises- 3×30
2) Standing Calf raises- 3×20


Don’t forget to add in cardio and a clean diet for the ultimate physique!